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Manor Farm is surrounded by wonderful large and spacious grounds where the children can explore our many play areas. They will go on nature walks and enjoy bug-hunting sessions in the wooded section of the garden. There is a wonderful new obstacle trail which children of all ages can enjoy. Play-space is also provided with grassed areas and rubber matting where the children can use scooters and bikes. It is completely secure and will be manned by an appropriate ratio of nursery key workers, ensuring happy and healthy play at all times come rain or shine.

Forest School

We also hold free weekly Forest School sessions for our pre school children. Forest School  is an inspirational process, which offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees. At Manor Farm it is our aim to implement the forest school style of teaching to encourage the children to use the natural resources around them and explore nature.  We give the children the freedom to use their imaginations with no time limit and no specific end result. Forest School gives the children the opportunity to create their own games and ideas and share them with their peers. Each session can change depending of what the children are interested in that day. We aim to make children more resilient to the outdoor environment and teach them skills that will help them throughout life. Forest Schools are carried out in all weathers, except if dangerous and unsafe for the children, such as ice or lighting. There are specific areas in which we carry out Forest School sessions they are natural and unspoilt.   Forest Schools give the children the opportunity to learn skills that could help them, such as building fires, erecting temporary shelters and wood carving in a safe environment. We carry ‘risk benefits’ as opposed to risk assessments. This ensures the children get the most from the experience, but safely.  

Our facilities

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